Head Sculpts in 1 to 4 Hours in both Mudbox and ZBrush

Spending a few hours sculpting different head designs.

Roger borelli mudbox monstersculpt v11

Mudbox sculpt “loosely” based on the Frankenstein Monster design, just in time for Halloween!

Roger borelli mb headsculpt v01

My latest quick Mudbox sculpt. The head started out as a sphere on this one.

Roger borelli td headtest 04 v01

Another Mudbox sculpt...trying different tools and techniques.

Roger borelli mb 4 hour headsculpt v01

A 4-hour Mudbox head sculpt...still learning the tools.

Roger borelli mudbox 6 hour witchsculpt v09

Halloween Witch Mudbox Sculpt. Still learning the ins/outs of Mudbox...this one took around 6 hours.

Roger borelli mudbox 3 hour demonsculpt v03

Demon Head Mudbox Sculpt...around 3 hours.

Roger borelli 3 5 hour pumpkinhex sculpt 10 13 2017

3.5 Hour ZBrush Sculpt.

Roger borelli 2 hour zombiesculpt v01

2 hour Mudbox Sculpt.

Roger borelli mudbox 3 hoursculpt v01

A new Mudbox sculpt. This one took a little longer...about 3 hours.

Roger borelli 1 hour sculpt 09 25 2017

Another 1 hour sculpt in ZBrush.

Roger borelli mudbox testsculpt v02

Testing out Mudbox again…it’s been years. This is my 2nd head sculpt...about 2 hours.

Roger borelli 1 5 hour sculpt 09 05 2017

ZBrush sculpt...about 1.5 hours.