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My name is Roger Borelli and I am a Senior CG Modeling and Sculpting Artist.

I moved to California from Florida in June 1987 to work in Special Makeup Effects.

Over the next 12 years I worked on many great film projects and worked with a lot of great and talented people. Some of the companies and people I worked with include Rick Baker, Stan Winston,

Steve Johnson's XFX, ADI, and Tony Gardner's Alterian Studios.

I left the world of Special Makeup Effects in March 1999 to start my career in CGI.

I have worked at many companies including Foundation Imaging, Digital Domain,

Disney Feature Animation, IMAGI Animation Studios, Microsoft Game Studios, and

DreamWorks Animation.

I have experience being a Character Modeling Supervisor, Lead Modeler, CG Designer and a

Senior Modeler.

I’m now the Modeling and Digital Sculpting Instructor at

The Digital Animation & Visual Effects School in Orlando, FL.

Here is a link to my Artstation site.  It’s similar to this site, but I do have different images on each.


I am now looking for Full-Time or freelance work.

You can contact me by clicking on my email below.

About Me rborelli63@gmail.com
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